1. Is there a weight limit?

If you weigh more than 100kg, it is difficult to proceed with the experience.
It will be remeasured at the site on the same day,

and an additional fee of 100,000 won will be charged for 90-100kg experience.
Weight can burden parachute and other equipment and instructors in the activity,

which is directly related to safety, so please understand. 

2. Is there an age limit?

Children and adolescents under the age of 16 cannot experience it.
Minors aged 16 to 18 need the consent of their guardians before experiencing skydiving.
The guardian must sign the certificate of exemption from liability 

and the consent form for non-prosecution on the spot,
You must bring a copy of the signed guardian's ID

(with the last digit of the resident registration number covered) to experience it.

Please understand that you cannot experience it

if you come to the experience center without bringing the two documents,

and it is difficult to get a refund. 

3. Are there any other restrictions?

Experience is restricted if you have scuba diving within 24 hours of experience, pregnant women, mentally and physically weak people,

or if you have taken drugs that are drunk or not prescribed by a doctor. 

4. When should I go by?

It takes more than 30 minutes to prepare, such as writing a pledge, wearing equipment, and safety training,

so you can arrive an hour before the schedule time you applied for.
Before the experience, insurance coverage with up to 100 million guarantees will be carried out.

5. How would you like to dress?

Long pants and sneakers are recommended to prevent the risk of injury when landing,

and skirts/shoe/military boots/hot pants/accessories are not allowed.

  + I'm wearing glasses, can I wear goggles?

 There are goggles that can be worn while wearing glasses, 

  but it is recommended to wear contact lenses because the goggles are large and there is a gap,

  making it inconvenient for air to enter the eyes while diving. 

  + Winter Outfit Guide 

  We recommend you to wear several layers of thin clothes.
  You can also wear gloves or neckties.

6. Is it possible to shoot with a personal camera?

It is not possible to shoot with a personal cell phone or camera in the air.
It can cause safety problems, so if you want to shoot,

please choose a video filming package.

7. Is there a pickup service?

You can apply in advance only for experienced people, and if you apply,

we will adjust the time according to the experience time and contact you.
You can pick it up at Yeoju Station and Yeoju Terminal,

and you can check the specific location on the website.

Pickup zone

8. About the weather 

Even if the weather is cloudy, it is not a problem to experience skydiving,

so we proceed normally.

However, the experience may be canceled if the weather worsens on the day of the experience.

Refunds and reservations can be made if the skydiving experience is canceled

due to problems such as aircraft and weather,

not the choice of the experienced person

  + What is the possibility of experiencing rain?

  If it rains, you can change/cancel/refund the date because it is difficult to experience.

  However, the weather may get better at the site, so if you have time on your schedule,

  it would be better to visit the drop zone regardless of the rain.

  Regarding the detailed operation, we will inform you of the final notice on Friday of the week of experience,

  so we would appreciate it if you could wait a little longer.

  + I have news of rain this week, can I proceed with the experience?

  The operation is normal because the weather may improve at the site,

  but in case of rain, it may be canceled due to difficulty in the experience.

  But if you're coming from far away, or because you have other schedules,

  you go back and forthWe are helping you to change the date in advance

  only for those who are bothered to do so.

9. Regarding the refund

1. Refunds through your account will be processed 15 days after the date of your request.
※If you make a reservation through Naver reservation,

you can cancel it only on the site and you cannot refund the account separately.
※If you cancel after the reservation date (based on Naver reservation),

you will be refunded after excluding the fee of 3,000 won.
2. You can change/cancel/refund the schedule according to your personal change of mind

by Wednesday morning of the week corresponding to the scheduled date of the experience

(other than that, the reservation fee cannot be refunded).
3. No field experience or no-show refund is possible
4. 100% refund if the experience is canceled due to unavoidable on-site conditions

(natural disasters, bad weather, aircraft abnormalities, etc)
5. If the shooting is not carried out smoothly due to defects in the filming equipment, only the shooting cost will be refunded. . 

  + Refund amount due to shooting error 

  Option 01. Refund for shooting costs

  Option 02. Re-experience discount 

  - Gold (missing handy cam)

  : 20% discount on site payment amount 

  Discount of 210,000 won

  (deposit of 50,000 won, on-site payment of 400,000 won) 

  - DIA (missing out cam)

  : 20% discount on on-site payment amount

  320,000 won discount

  (deposit 50,000 won, on-site payment amount 400,000 won) 

 - Premium package 

  : Re-experience discount compensation for missing video parts 

10. I want to do my first solo jump.

Welcome! Please go to the link below to proceed with your registration for some confirmations.

Register funjumper